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Meet Pamela Foley

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A Woman in Business

I’m Pamela Foley, a Branding and Strategy Guru who helps people, especially women business owners, who are not achieving the success they desire. As the CEO of Art of You Consulting, I created business building, branding and marketing programs designed to guide entrepreneurs and practice owners to personal and professional success.

Here are a few truths: In 2019, women are 42% of the bread winners in American households. More than 60% of new businesses are created by women. Families overwhelmingly need two incomes to survive. Women in business are smart and talented and want to make money. For themselves, and to help those they love – and to change the world around them.

The issue, though, is that many of these same women have never been shown how to create a sustainable business that can give them the freedom and income the want and need. They have been told they must sell, but never that they can skip much of the stress this causes and learn to attract clients using marketing tools.

I know because I was one of these women.

Finding Success

I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade. Some of that time, it was hard to attract clients and earn the income that I wanted to on a regular basis. When this was a truth for me, it was frustrating and I knew that there had to be a better way to build the business I wanted.

That is when I began to research and experiment, using trial and error. I wanted to learn how the most successful people created what they did. If they could do it – I knew that I could as well. And so can you!

What I discovered was there is a pattern that every – yes, every – successful business person (of any gender or industry) follows. I took this marketing strategy pattern and turned it into the Simple Success Formula – and applied it to my businesses. And it worked! Twice.

In fact, I sold $40 million in property, started and grew my own law firm to a 3-location practice and helped dozens of other business owners.

On a Mission

Now, it is my mission, and the mission of my company, Art of You Consulting – the whole reason that I do what I do – to show women exactly how to use marketing tools to attract clients and build success. No chasing. No painful cold calls. Just developing an understanding of this foundational formula that every business needs.

People who develop business using our unique formula:

Stand out from the crowd

Attract and retain more clients

Create raving fans and lasting customer loyalty

Increase income

Gain leadership skills

Achieve success

I know that it can be scary – and hard. But when women (or anyone in business) learns this formula, they become unstoppable!

Teaching people how to create sustainable client flows, brand themselves and their businesses is my life’s work. It is so important, that I choose to donate 5% of my net profit annually to non-profits dedicated to helping underserved populations learn to build businesses that can support them and get them out of tough situations. This effort, and my practice, is how I measure my success today.

Helping people make the changes that they need, to create a business that can grow, thrive and provide income – changing the world one women-owned business at a time.


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